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  • Insurance for Policy Valuations
  • Proof of Losses After a Disaster
  • Buy, Sell, Merger, Acquisitions
  • Tangible Property and Federal Taxes
  • Loans/Line of Credit
  • Asset Tracking
  • Moving/Storage


  • Insurance for Policy Valuations
  • Proof of Losses After a Disaster
  • Moving/Storage
  • Estate Planning and Settlement
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Proof of Uninsured Losses for Tax Purposes

Palmer Home & Business Inventory Professionals, LLC

Here at Palmer Home & Business Inventory Professionals, LLC we are dedicated to educating consumers about the need and value of home and business inventories. Whether you take on the challenge of a DIY inventory or hire an inventory professional, having up to date, detailed documentation of personal and business assets is a must not just for financial reasons but for the peace of mind in knowing you are prepared should a disaster strike.

about our FOUNDER AND lead iNVENTORY professional

Debra Palmer has been a business services entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay Area since 1988.  In 2013, she was introduced to the concept of third party inventories and spent extensive time researching the industry.  Through exhaustive research and direct communications with individuals who had experienced losses and endured the claims process of their insurance companies without up to date documentation to substantiate equitable settlements, Debra realized the need for inventory professionals in the Tampa Bay Area.  She has spent many, many hours learning the business and implementing systems to create a virtually effortless experience to assist homeowners, renters and businesses in having a complete, accurate record of assets.  Debra's business background provides her clients a keen understanding of the financial aspects of having third party documentation of personal and business property not only for insurance but for taxes and other life events.  Debra is a Certified Inventory Specialistâ„¢ and Certified Appraisal Examiner through the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA).

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If you had to prove what you owned, could you?  With a home or business inventory from Palmer Home & Business Inventory Professionals

you can.